Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring has arrived and there's a lot to do in Reservoir Hill this weekend

It was a beautiful spring morning today - chilly, breezy, sunny - and it's opening day at Camden Yards this afternoon.  Spring feels like it's here, and this coming weekend there's a lot to do in Reservoir  Hill.  You could attend a compost workshop at Reservoir Hill's urban farm, Whitelock Community Farm.  Brendan James performs at Reservoir Hill's music venue, Eutaw Place in the historic Beth Am Synagogue.  And Whitelock Community Farm has a big fundraiser with lots of great music. Read more below, and enjoy the weekend!


Join CGRN and Whitelock Community Farm to learn the basics of composting!
Great for beginner composting and answering questions for experienced composters. The experts from Chesapeake Compost Works will be discussing the composting process and you'll even get the chance to try out their methods in building and sifting compost right at the farm!
The class is $5 and free for CGRN members.
  • Whitelock Community Farm, corner of Whitelock Street and Brookfield Avenue

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