Friday, March 14, 2014

An evening of community and joy in Reservoir Hill

People still talk to us about the January Afro-Semitic Experience concert at Beth Am Synagogue, so we wanted to re-post a video that Baltimore City Public School System produced about the event.

As a result of the joint work of several community partners, more than 350 people showed up at Beth Am Synagogue for the Afro-Semitic Experience concert.  The crowd drummed, danced, and sang together in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King.  It was an outstanding community experience drawing together the different cultures of this historic community with an outstanding band.  We all felt that it would be an ideal event for a community with such deep Jewish and African-American roots, and indeed it was.  A particularly beautiful aspect of the evening was the opportunity for Beth Am students to join with students from the local school, John Eager Howard Elementary School, in a percussion group to accompany the band in a couple of songs - our own community youth drum corp. It was a remarkable opportunity for our children to get to know each other and be an active part of a community gathering.

Toward the end of the evening, the band had everyone up dancing together. Congratulations to all the organizing partners: Beth Am Synagogue, Child First Authority, New Lens Productions, John Eager Howard Elementary School, and Reservoir Hill Improvement Council.

Below is the short video that captures the essence of the evening.   You can also link to the video and a brief article on the website Great Kids UpClose.

Building community and friendships through music from Baltimore City Public Schools on Vimeo.

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