Monday, June 9, 2014

Designing John Eager Howard Elementary as a Community School

On the 4th of June, the School Design Advisory & Action Team held a public meeting focused on how best to use 3,000 square feet in the new design of John Eager Howard Elementary School for community programming and services

A group of residents, city schools personnel, and others met to discuss the results of the Team's community survey of 100 residents.
There were four main categories of need or interest identified through the survey: Food, Housing Counseling, Art, and Health & Fitness. The participants participated in four small groups, each assigned one of these topics.  They explored what resources currently existed in the community, and what resources pertinent to the topic could be incorporated in the new school.
Reservoir Hill's city planner, Alexandra Hoffman, spoke with the participants about broader neighborhood planning being undertaken by the Department of Planning.  In Reservoir Hill, Reservoir Hill Improvement Council and Neighborhood Design Center have partnered to work with the Department of Planning on such neighborhood planning.

Outreach on ideas for how John Eager Howard as a Community School could benefit the Reservoir Hill neighborhood is ongoing.  For more information contact Erin Bowman at or call 410.225.7547.

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