Thursday, May 8, 2014

A New Vision for West North Avenue Developing at the Grassroots

If four hour planning sessions don’t sound like an exciting evening to you, last night’s event to build a vision for a pedestrian-friendly, bike-friendly, community-friendly West North Avenue certainly might have changed your mind.  About 50 neighbors and supporters from communities north and south of North Avenue gathered at the John Eager Howard Recreation Center in Reservoir Hill for a session led by Neighborhood Design Center looking at how to improve the stretch of North Avenue from Charles Street west to McCulloh.  The group was diverse and the conversations were dynamic.

In small groups we created ideas for what we saw North Avenue as being like in 2024, then as a full body we built a large set of options for changes needed to achieve those visions.  In small groups again we prioritized sets of those needs.  Then we discussed barriers to a dynamic North Avenue and how we might address those barriers. For instance, one group undertook the issue of the Howard Street bridge, while another looked at transportation issues.

The West North Avenue Streetscape Project is helping re-weave ties between communities along West North Avenue.  The more we work together the more we learn about each other and the more we achieve for our part of the city.
We will be reporting in more detail on the project at the 3 June Reservoir Hill Community Meeting.  Also, there will be further opportunities for public input into the design under development, and reporting out on progress at community meetings.  Watch for notices. We look forward to the participation of everyone in crafting this plan.

If you have questions, or for more information contact Rick Gwynallen at the RHIC office, 410.225.7547, or by e-mail at .

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