Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Three Designs Presented for Redevelopment of John Eager Howard School

Last night more than 60 Reservoir Hill folk gathered to review three design options for the structure and placement of a redeveloped John Eager Howard Elementary School developed by our architects from Cho Benn Holback based on input from residents at a previous session and input through our community-based JEH School Design Advisory & Action Team.

A group of residents, RHIC staff, Child First staff, and John Eager Howard and Judy Center staff have met every other week since July to ensure deep and broad community engagement in the redesign of the school and the block it sits on.  The JEH School Design Advisory & Action Team includes JEH parents and community residents without children in the school.  In the process the team has to date spoken with more than 200 individuals in Reservoir Hill, initiated outreach to Reservoir Hill institutions, and had representatives in a variety of city-wide meetings and forums.

One aim of that huge investment of time is been to ensure that the values and dreams that community residents have for the redeveloped school are incorporated into the final design.  How can newly design school best serve our children, our families, and our community as a whole? These are questions for every Reservoir Hill resident.

The three designs presented last night will be made available online shortly.  Watch for notices.

If you would like to join us in this initiative ensure a 21st century school facility for children, contact the JEH School Design Advisory & Action Team:

Erin Bowman, 410.225.7547,
Jennifer McDowell, 562.822.8697,

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