Friday, January 10, 2014

January Reservoir Hill Community Meeting Scheduled for 21 January

Friends & Neighbors,
The January Reservoir Hill Community Meeting Canceled Due to the Cold
Has Been Rescheduled TO
Tuesday, 21 January 2014
6:30 pm
John Eager Howard Recreation Center
2100 Brookfield Avenue

l What’s New in the Redevelopment of John Eager Howard School?
l A Comprehensive Community Plan

Free Dinner Provided by John Eager Howard Recreation Center



What’s New in the Redevelopment of John Eager Howard School?

School Design Team members have been meeting every two weeks for several months monitoring, collecting community opinion, and advocating for a school facility that is an asset to the Reservoir Hill community.

At this meeting, School Design Team leaders will discuss the status of the design process and key elements of the newly designed facility.

The redevelopment of the school is expected in 2015.  It will be the largest single development project in Reservoir Hill to date, and has great potential for Reservoir Hill families and the community as a whole.  This will be a great opportunity to interact with the School Design Team members.

A Comprehensive Community Plan

At our Annual meeting we held an extensive discussion on the need for strategic public and private investments in the communities surrounding schools undergoing redevelopment.  While the investment in a new John Eager Howard school facility will be a very significant and positive development for Reservoir Hill, strategic, seamless investment by City and State departments, and private sector partners, throughout the community can maximize school development as full community development.  To achieve this requires a comprehensive plan to guide such investment, drawing together the diverse projects underway in and around Reservoir Hill and developing community opinion around new priorities.  But not just a plan that sits on a shelf – a vibrant, tool we actively use.

In autumn 2013 the School Design Team began outreach to community institutions as a first step in developing the foundations for such a plan.  Now RHIC is entering into a partnership with Neighborhood Design Center (NDC) to work with community members to create that plan.  This meeting is an opportunity for community members to discuss and shape this process.

At this meeting, NDC and RHIC personnel will discuss the project.
Please join us and become part of the effort at the very beginning.

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