Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You Can Support Reservoir Hill's Girl Scout Troop

Reservoir Hill has a Girl Scout Troop based in the community
Our girls are asking for your support

Troop 10281 is a combined Daisy (K-1) and Brownie Girl (2-3) Scout Troop. We have 18 members, all residents of Reservoir Hill.  There are many ways you can support our girls as they learn leadership skills and take action in our community. Reservoir Hill residents and member organizations can:
  • Buy cookies from a Girl Scout. Our troop earns money for each box sold. Sales start next week!
  • Teach the girls a skill or help them with a craft project
  • 18X 12 or 11X 14 construction paper (used to make place mats for meals on wheels participants)
  • potted plants (decorated and given to sick residents in our neighborhood)
  • old tennis balls (used to make dog toys for animals in shelters)
  • $5 pays dues for a girl for one month
  • $10 helps a girl go on a field trip
  • $38.00 buys a complete girl scout uniform
  • $60 pays for a year of dues for a girl who can't afford it
 Please contact Octavia Shulman octavia.shulman@gmail.com to lend a hand!

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