Friday, March 6, 2009

Should Reservoir Hill have additional public trash receptacles?

Should Reservoir Hill have additional public trash receptacles?

When the current sanitation campaign, Pride in Reservoir Hill is Picking Up!, kicked off last autumn, there was discussion about getting more public trash receptacles in targeted areas, but it has not been a focus on the campaign as of yet. There are some containers currently in use. However, there is not enough of them or placed at enough strategic locations to help mitigate the trash problem. RHIC would like to hear from people their opinions on the subject. Should we get more public receptacles? Why? Why not? If we should get them, where should they be located?

We want to hear from you!


Brian Morrison said...

yes, as many trash receptacles as possible, means less mass congregation around a very limited amount of cans.

2200 block of linden ave currently maintains two sidewalk cans and would like the city to start collecting trash from them.

There was a period of illegal dumping in our cans (meaning people taking household bags out the front door and placing them on top of the can), but simply asking those folks, in the right way, to put trash out on the right day in the rear of there property stopped the problem.

I also think brookfield residents maintain a can at corner of ducatel and brookfield, which looks to be installed when the city did the sidewalk work, and installed the proper standard victor stanley style receptable they are placing around the city, just to name a couple, along garrison blvd from gwynns falls to Liberty Heights, and Baltimore st from MLK throughout biotech region.

any established neigbhorhood will have cans on every corner or even mid-block, so I don't think the question is 'do we need them' but more, can we commit to educating our residents, and asking them to achieve a higher level of concern for their neighbors in reducing street trash, rats problems, and work just a little harder to keep our kids safe from glass and trash.

I belive it is law for each MTA bus stop to have a can ? This would be a great place to start as people stand or sit and have no place to dispose of trash.

C said...

I agree. We need them at all bus stops and probably most corners, with some mid-block for longer blocks. I think if people saw them, they would probably use them, and perhaps our streets would be cleaner. It won't solve the problem completely, but it certainly should help.

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